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Teacher Pay: How Salaries, Pensions, and Benefits Work in Schools
An Education Week primer on teacher salaries, raises, performance pay, pensions, Social Security benefits, and health-care premiums.
East Hartford High School senior Sudeen Pryce, right, center, receives support from classmate Alexia Phipps, left, East Hartford High School Intervention Coordinator Mark Brown, second from left, and EMT Katrinna Greene, top right, of Manchester, as RN Kaylee Cruz of Bristol administers the first dose of the Pfizer vaccine to Pryce at a mass vaccination site at Pratt & Whitney Runway in East Hartford, Conn. on April 26, 2021.
High school senior Sudeen Pryce, center, receives the first dose of the Pfizer vaccine at a mass vaccination site in East Hartford, Conn.
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Education Funding Schools Can Use COVID-19 Relief Money for Vaccinations and Teacher Bonuses, Feds Say
The Education Department's latest guidance for coronavirus relief packages also says state lawmakers can't limit how districts use funds.
Andrew Ujifusa, May 26, 2021
3 min read
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Recruitment & Retention Pay Raises and Pandemic Bonuses: Can They Keep Teachers in Classrooms?
Some states are proposing salary hikes and offering teachers one-time bonuses. Will the money have an effect on post-pandemic retention?
Sarah Schwartz, May 4, 2021
8 min read
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Teaching Profession Opinion It's Teacher Appreciation Week. Flowers? Mugs? We're Looking for Something More
This year, teachers were hailed as heroes then denounced as obstructionists, say seven State Teachers of the Year. Here’s what they need.
Owen Bondono, Alisa Cooper de Uribe, Amanda Hargreaves, Kimberly Hee Stock, Justin Johnson, Susan Rosato & Jennifer Wolfe, April 30, 2021
4 min read
Image of an exhausted teacher sitting at the bottom of a battery showing low charge.
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School & District Management Summer School Is More Important Than Ever. But Teachers Are 'Fried' and Need a Break
Districts are getting creative about enticing worn-out teachers to stay on for the summer.
Madeline Will, April 26, 2021
8 min read
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Teaching Profession Teacher Salaries Are Increasing. See How Your State Compares
The National Education Association warns that some of the progress in teacher pay could be jeopardized by the pandemic.
Madeline Will, April 26, 2021
2 min read
A conceptual image of gender pay gap.
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School & District Management Female Principals Are Paid Less Than Men. That’s a Big Concern
A gender pay gap in the principalship can affect recruitment and turnover.
Denisa R. Superville, April 21, 2021
5 min read
West Jefferson High School seniors get their temperature checked before entering the Harvey, La., school as students return for in-person learning during the coronavirus pandemic on Aug. 31, 2020.
West Jefferson High School seniors get their temperature checked before entering the Harvey, La., school.
Chris Granger/The Advocate via AP
Budget & Finance FEMA Will Cover Some COVID-19 Staffing Costs for Schools
FEMA is offering to reimburse the costs of pandemic expenses for work performed after Jan. 21. Here's how to get your district's share.
Mark Lieberman, April 19, 2021
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Linda Davila-Macal, a seventh grade reading teacher at BL Garza Middle School in Edinburg, Texas, works from her virtual classroom at her home on Aug. 31, 2020.
A teacher leads a virtual classroom from her home.
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Federal Some Districts Extend Paid Leave Policies as They Hope for Passage of Biden Relief Plan
With federal provisions having expired, some school employees have had to dip into their own banks of leave for COVID-19 purposes.
Mark Walsh, February 22, 2021
5 min read
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Teaching Profession After a Stillbirth, This Teacher Was Denied Paid Leave for Recovery. Here's Her Story
A District of Columbia teacher delivered a stillborn baby and was denied paid maternity leave. Her story, told here, is not uncommon.
Madeline Will, January 15, 2021
6 min read
Law & Courts Federal Appeals Court Revives Teacher's Pay-Discrimination Case Over Starting Salary
The court weighed an administrator's alleged comment that the teacher's starting pay was less because her husband worked.
Mark Walsh, January 5, 2021
3 min read
Teaching Profession Teacher Pay Remains Low, and COVID-19 Has Thwarted Efforts to Raise It
Experts are concerned that any progress states were beginning to make with raising teacher pay will be wiped away by the economic fallout from the coronavirus pandemic.
Madeline Will, September 29, 2020
3 min read
Karen Ruark, a 3rd grade teacher in Maryland, drives to the South Dorchester School four days a week to access the WiFi there. She often works in her car while her two teenage daughters do schoolwork.
Karen Ruark, a 3rd grade teacher in Maryland, drives to the South Dorchester School four days a week to access the WiFi there. She often works in her car while her two teenage daughters do schoolwork.
Jaclyn Borowski/Education Week
Classroom Technology Teachers Without Internet Work in Parking Lots, Empty School Buildings During COVID-19
While most teachers have online access at home, internet service for many educators in rural areas is spotty, expensive, or nonexistent.
Madeline Will, April 29, 2020
6 min read
Equity & Diversity Still Mostly White and Female: New Federal Data on the Teaching Profession
Here are five takeaways on the teaching profession from the newly released 2017-18 National Teacher and Principal Survey.
Madeline Will, April 14, 2020
4 min read
School & District Management How Coronavirus Is Jeopardizing Teacher Pay Raises
The momentum to raise teacher salaries in several states has ground to a halt amid fears of coronavirus’ massive economic blow.
6 min read