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Go Ahead and Dance, But No ‘Sexual Bending,’ Please

By Catherine Gewertz — January 28, 2010 1 min read
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Even curriculum hounds need a little diversionary reading, especially when it comes to high school. So check out this item from Smoking Gun about new rules designed to keep dance moves under control at a Wisconsin high school.

They get really specific about what body parts can’t be touched, what body parts can’t be straddled, and what sorts of bending will be tolerated. And just in case students think they can violate the rules without getting caught, officials warn that they’re going to videotape the dances.

One more round in the ongoing wars against youth dancing that offends adults. I wrote about another of these crackdown cycles nine years ago. With so much else to work on (like good teaching and learning in the classroom), is this how we should be spending our energy in high schools?

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A version of this news article first appeared in the Curriculum Matters blog.