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Illustration showing an imbalance with six stacked male icons tipping the scale and two female icons on the opposite side of the scale.
School & District Management Racial and Gender Disparities in the Superintendent's Office, in Charts
A study of America's second-largest state adds to research detailing deep gender and racial disparities in districts’ top positions.
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A conceptual image of a female being paid less than a male.
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School & District Management A New Study Details Gender and Racial Disparities in the Superintendent's Office
Women and people of color are less likely than their white male counterparts to be appointed superintendent directly from a principal post.
Caitlynn Peetz, December 5, 2023
6 min read
Collage illustration of an empathetic looking leader among images and iconography representing emotional intelligence
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School & District Management From Our Research Center How Emotionally Intelligent Are School and District Leaders? We Asked Teachers
Asked about traits like empathy, teachers rated principals higher than they rated district leaders.
Evie Blad & Vanessa Solis, November 6, 2023
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Woman stands in front of a staircase in different colors. She is about to walk up the stairs. Concept of standing in front of a challenge and finding the right solution and courage to move on.
School & District Management Despite Progress, Women Superintendents Face Steep Path to Gender Parity
Male superintendents outnumber their female counterparts, and women often enter the role in times of crisis.
Evie Blad, September 15, 2023
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Image of a female worker.
School & District Management Why Are Only a Quarter of School Districts in Texas Led by Women?
Women are underrepresented in K-12 school district leadership in Texas— following a trend researchers have long found across the nation.
Caitlyn Meisner, July 11, 2023
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Image of diverse faces.
School & District Management Women of Color Bring Special Strengths to the Superintendency, New Research Suggests
They have deep expertise in instructional leadership and a facility for working with stakeholders and managing thorny social issues.
Denisa R. Superville, May 31, 2023
4 min read
Photo of employee review.
School & District Management Superintendent Evaluations Are Murky, Incomplete, Unfocused. Here's Why That Matters
More than half of superintendents said in a recent survey that their contracts don't specify clear objectives for their annual reviews.
Caitlynn Peetz, April 6, 2023
5 min read
Image of staffing diagram.
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School & District Management How Districts' Central Offices Work—In 4 Charts
Central offices are often organized around a district's priorities.
Denisa R. Superville, March 31, 2023
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Conceptual image of an organizational chart.
School & District Management The Central Office Is a Mystery. A Researcher Broke the Code
Central office staff are largely directly focused on keeping things running rather than instruction, according to new research.
Denisa R. Superville, March 31, 2023
4 min read
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School & District Management Better Principal Data Is Critical to Close Equity Gaps, Groups Tell Feds
Advocates argue that the data will help state policy makers, preparation programs, and advocates make better decisions.
Denisa R. Superville, March 30, 2023
5 min read
Image of male and female professional silhouettes, with a central male figure punched out in color.
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School & District Management Q&A There's a Good Chance Your Superintendent Has One of These 15 Names
A researcher's findings highlight just how white and male the American superintendency is.
Caitlynn Peetz, March 24, 2023
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Image of a female figure looking down at where you can check-off "Men" or "Women"
School & District Management By the Numbers: How Men Are Favored for the Superintendent's Job
Women make up the majority of the education workforce, but are scarce among superintendents.
Denisa R. Superville & Laura Baker, December 14, 2022
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Illustration of students and a teacher.
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School & District Management What the Research Says Principals Matter for Preschools, But Studies Show They Lack Training
New research suggests principals need to learn more about the preschool classes in their buildings.
Sarah D. Sparks, October 7, 2022
3 min read
Image of a staff meeting.
Equity & Diversity How Carefully Tailored PD Can Help Principals Become Equity Leaders
A partnership involving several districts suggests smart professional development can help principals improve equitable practices.
Denisa R. Superville, September 22, 2022
5 min read