Photo of teacher working with student on laptop computer.
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IT Infrastructure & Management Schools Get Relief on Chromebook Replacements. Google Extends Device Support to 10 Years
Schools have typically had to replace Chromebooks every three to five years.
Alyson Klein, September 21, 2023
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Image of girl working with teacher on tablet computer.
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Personalized Learning Q&A Google Executive: AI Could 'Transform' School Into a 'Personal Learning Experience'
Google for Education's Shantanu Sinha discusses recent advances in digital technologies.
Lauraine Langreo, July 6, 2023
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Illustration of a broken laptop.
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Classroom Technology Chromebooks’ 'Short' Lifespan Costs Schools Billions of Dollars, Report Finds
Doubling the lifespan of Chromebooks would save schools $1.8 billion, a U.S. PIRG Education Fund report estimates.
Lauraine Langreo, April 26, 2023
4 min read
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Classroom Technology Q&A How Google Classroom Is Changing Teaching: Q&A With Researcher Carlo Perrotta
The popular software is bringing the “logics of datafication, automation, surveillance, and interoperability" to schools, researchers say.
Benjamin Herold, December 17, 2020
7 min read
IT Infrastructure & Management Google Experimenting With New Cloud Storage, Artificial Intelligence Initiative for K-12
Google is working with Washington's Evergreen Public Schools on a new effort that has big implications for the way K-12 districts store and analyze student data.
Benjamin Herold, April 4, 2019
3 min read
Education Opinion How Google is Taking Over the Classroom
Have you noticed how prevalent Google is in today's academic world? Students from elementary school all the way through high school have taken a part in a monumental shift away from most sought-after products to the variety of apps and devices made by Google. In many ways, Google has made a lasting effort to take over the modern classroom with its variety and cost efficiency. Day by day, students are becoming more entrenched in what Google has to offer them.
Matthew Lynch, March 6, 2018
2 min read
Classroom Technology Opinion Enterprise Learning Management Systems + Google = Amplified Learning
The seamless integration between an enterprise LMS and Google creates a powerful ecosystem that supports teachers and students.
Tim Wilhelmus, February 25, 2018
4 min read
Education Google Launches $50 Million Effort on the Future of Work
The philanthropic initiative will seek to connect job seekers with jobs, improve job training, and make life better for those in low-wage jobs.
Benjamin Herold, July 27, 2017
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Education Opinion Survey Says: Google for the Win
Google has become the dominant player in the EdTech market, with Microsoft, Apple and Amazon providing stiff competition. But how have these EdTech giants potentially slowed the development of needed innovation in learning platforms?
Tom Vander Ark, June 27, 2017
3 min read
Reading & Literacy Google Maps a Spelling Bee for States
As the nation's top young spellers compete in the National Spelling Bee, a map from Google is a reminder that many of us struggle to spell much simpler words.
Jaclyn Zubrzycki, June 1, 2017
1 min read
Education Opinion Use Google 'Assign Function' for Commenting in Google Docs
While providing feedback for my students today, I entered an email address as I often do in the commenting function using the + sign and this little box popped up that asked me if I wanted to assign it to the student as a task.
Starr Sackstein, December 8, 2016
1 min read
Teaching Opinion Using Google Forms to Teach Kids to Give Quality Feedback
Providing feedback is in fact an art and we can scaffold the process to make kids better at it, using technology or without. How do you help students provide better feedback? Read on to find out how I teach students to do it better.
Starr Sackstein, December 20, 2015
3 min read
Education Opinion How to Collaborate on Google Docs Like a Pro
Collaboration is a real-world skill students will use in their careers. Thanks to available technology, they can build that ability at zero cost.
Starr Sackstein, September 22, 2015
5 min read
Education Does Google Help Students Learn (or Just Think They Do?)
Researchers at the Association for Psychological Science find online searches may affect the way students remember and think about what they learn.
Sarah D. Sparks, May 26, 2015
4 min read