March 7, 2012

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Whether a consensus is forthcoming was unclear last week following the second rulemaking session.
New groups aim to stake out a place for parents' voices amid a crowded field of advocates and policymakers.
Studies say deepening income-based academic gaps could keep poor children from finding a path out of poverty.
Black students were nearly three times as likely to be retained; Hispanic students were twice as likely as white students to repeat a grade, according to the latest federal survey.
News in Brief
Report Roundup
News in Brief
Report Roundup
Teachers are among those who have to cope when the medications used to treat students with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder run short.
The state has refused to sponsor four new charter schools because state officials said the for-profit company running them, White Hat Management, would have wielded too much power.
The goal is to develop the next generation of business leaders in education and improve the relationship between K-12 schools and the private sector.
At a 3-day session in Kentucky, leaders along the K-16 pipeline gather to discuss strategies that work and the challenges that lie ahead.
One-fifth of new principals leave within a year or two, and their schools continue on a downward academic slide, according to the RAND Corp.
A panel offers advice for school leaders on how to avoid—and investigate—a test-cheating scandal in their district.
Story Pirates, a group of educators and actors, inspires elementary students to write by turning their stories into plays.
New technology is changing how children with disabilities learn and educators are scrambling to keep up with the latest developments.
The McAllen Independent School District is trying to close its digital divide by distributing thousands of Apple tablet computers in a move that could make it the largest iPads program for students in the U.S.
Best of the Blogs

This special report examines the education marketplace and new approaches to schooling that are changing K-12.
Two bills approved by the House Education committee would give states more running room on K-12 policy, but face a cloudy future.
A second wave of states seek flexibility under the No Child Left Behind Act.
Policy Brief
NGA sessions touch on the K-12 revenue outlook and the federal role in education.
We should look to other countries for lessons on the value of education, not best practices, Edward Fiske writes.
The importance of mining student data is drilled into educators before they even set foot in the classroom, but there must be a clear purpose in mind for its use, argues Kenneth Lopour.
Writing with teacher Mary Jewell, students of undocumented immigration status share their hopes and fears about the future.
We have begun to unhinge education from its civic purpose, endangering the ability of students to learn how to compromise, write the authors of an online history and civics program.
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