March 12, 2008

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Governors and state schools chiefs are eyeing international yardsticks as a way to better prepare students for a competitive global economy.
Policymakers nationwide increasingly see the shift as crucial for academic achievement, but relatively few districts have taken concrete steps to help principals make it.
Training in the arts might contribute to improving the general thinking skills of children and adults, a study concludes.
Independent studies of the nation's largest performance-pay system suggest that the state-backed plans could be having positive effects on teacher attitudes.
News in Brief
Report Roundup
Report Roundup
Report Roundup
A handful of new studies on performance-pay initiatives have found mixed results on how they affect student achievement.
Researchers found that by the time Catholic school pupils reached 3rd grade, they trailed their public school counterparts in math by an average of three to four months.
Private Schools
State Journal
GOP lawmakers are pushing a bill to replace the state's testing system with nationally standardized tests.
State Journal
Lawmakers in a number of states want to more closely regulate families who opt to teach their own children.
The federal initiative is not likely to survive if big funding cuts are not reversed, several state directors told federal officials at a meeting last week.
School nutrition directors said last week they struggled to keep up to date with the frequently changing information released by the USDA as it handled the nation’s largest beef recall.
Federal File
The Duval County, Fla., district sees the courses as part of a shift to teaching more students college-level skills.
Media expert and educator Renee Hobbs writes about the culture of fear and misinformation that she claims is stifling teachers' use of the Internet in the classroom.
School director Bruce Shaw writes that too little has changed since "A Nation at Risk" was first published 25 years ago.
Brain research, autism, Cristo Rey schools, and more.
Ted Kolderie expounds the need for greater innovation in school and schooling.

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