Terror Touches Schools

September 26, 2001 2 min read

A continuing special report on the impact on schools and children of the September 11 terrorist attacks. Includes:

  • N.Y.C. Schools Share Space; 8 Still Closed
    While their schools in Lower Manhattan remained closed, some 8,000 New York City students who were near ground zero of the Sept. 11 terrorist attack there returned to classes at temporary sites last week.
  • Grief Descends on School After Terror Hits Home
    Never in a nightmare would teacher Myrna Shields and her students have figured that the smoke issuing from the Pentagon on September 11 signaled the loss of a boy in their Ketcham Elementary School class, and a beloved teacher whose room was just downstairs.
  • First Lady: Teachers Need Help
    First lady Laura Bush is asking the public to nurture America’s educators as they continue to work overtime, soothing children and parents who have lost loved ones, witnessed the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks firsthand, or are otherwise feeling the emotional impact of the events this month.
  • Islamic Schools and Muslim Youngsters Report Harassment
    The number of reported incidents of harassment, threats, or vandalism against Islamic schools or Muslim children and youths mounted last week, but so did efforts by Muslim and Middle Eastern organizations and U.S. government leaders to prevent such incidents.
  • States’ Test-Taking Schedules Feel Impact of Terrorism
    As the nation’s schools resumed their routines after the worst terrorist attacks in U.S. history, state education officials in a handful of states debated whether getting back to normal should include forging ahead with state- mandated tests.
  • Salt Lake City Urged to Close Schools During Olympics
    Worried that local schools could be targeted by terrorists during the 2002 Winter Olympics to be held in February, the president of the Salt Lake City teachers’ association has asked the city’s school board to reverse a decision it made last year to keep schools open during the event.