Teacher Magazine: A Look Back at This Year in Stories

May 01, 2003 2 min read

The May/June 2003 issue of Teacher Magazine was the final issue of the 2002-2003 publishing schedule. The August/September 2003 issue will inaugurate Teacher Magazine‘s 2003-2004 publishing cycle.

Catch up with stories you may have missed or re-read those you particlularly enjoyed in this retrospective of Teacher Magazine stories from 2002-2003.

August/September 2002—Swing Time

  • It Don’t Mean a Thing If It
    Ain’t Got That Swing

    Sure, jazz smokes with improvised riffs and danceable rhythms, says Wynton Marsalis. But as his new curriculum and an annual competition show, it’s also jampacked with lessons on patience, respect, and democracy.
  • A More Perfect Union
    After three tries, Deborah Lynch won the presidency of the Chicago Teachers’ Union. But her battle has just begun.

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October 2002—Tower of Power

  • District Wide Web
    Back when the technological revolution was still in its infancy, Darryl La Gace suggested that his blue-collar school district build a microwave transmission tower, then fill its schools with computers. The gamble has paid off.

  • Personal History
    Steven Spielberg’s Shoah Foundation has given schools a set of powerful lessons on the Holocaust.

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November/December 2002—Bridging the Gap

  • A Test of Will
    Getting into New York City’s top science high schools demands great scores on the entrance exam. And if you’re a disadvantaged kid, the surest route to success is the Math/Science Institute.
  • Once More, With Feeling
    Frustrated, writer David Ruenzel quit the classroom more than a decade ago. Then last year, he returned to teaching and discovered
    a simple truth: relationships are at the heart of education.

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January 2003—Professional Development Issue

  • Brave New World
    An educational group in New Mexico shows teachers how to dissect media information—and the consumer culture that kids inhabit.
  • Under African Skies
    Exotic spices, electric smiles, and a rough boat ride were among the highlights at a recent international writing conference in Tanzania. And oh, yes, participants also did some inspiring work.

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February 2003—Technology Issue

  • Click HERE for Guidance
    Handling bigger caseloads than ever in an era of standardization and assessment, school guidance counselors are desperate for useful data. Bob Turba knows where to get it and how to use it.
  • Visual Learners
    As more schools assign video-based lessons, camcorders are replacing pen and paper—and, often, traditional research projects.

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March/April 2003—Shakespearean Remix

  • As They Like It
    At a Mississippi boarding school, one teacher gives Shakespere’s Hamlet a streetwise makeover in order to get his students to buy into the old tale of a slain king and his sorrow-crazed son.

  • Wandering Poet
    Arab American writer Naomi Shihab Nye has long traveled the country sparking kids’ imaginations. Now, she also promotes peace.

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May 2003—A Different World

  • Reversal of Fortune
    After the dot-com crash, Silicon Valley survivors find refuge in classrooms. But can they handle it?

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