States with P-16 or P-20 Councils

By Amy M. Hightower — June 11, 2008 1 min read

States are attempting to forge stronger connections between precollegiate and postsecondary education in efforts to close graduation gaps and better prepare students for the workplace. One popular vehicle for this work is the state P-16 or P-20 council, which convenes groups of state leaders across education and workforce sectors to focus on easing transitions. As reported in Diplomas Count 2008, 38 states have a P-16 or P-20 council and two of these states—Louisiana and Pennsylvania—have two state-level councils. An additional four states—Florida, Idaho, Iowa, and New York—have governance structures that emulate functions of P-16 councils. For additional details about these councils’ structure, composition, and initiatives, explore the Education Commission of the States Database on P-16 and P-20 Councils. Also, for more state-by-state data, search EPE’s Education Counts database.

NOTE: Louisiana and Pennsylvania have two councils.

SOURCE: Education Commision of the States Database on P-16 and P-20 Councils.