Satanic Symbols

September 01, 1989 1 min read

You can’t judge youngsters by their symbols. In the 1960’s, many teenagers wore the peace sign to protest war. Today, the same symbol is used by satanists to glorify violence and discord. Referred to as the “cross of Nero,” it represents the inverted cross on which St. Peter was crucified. Here are a few other satanic symbols:

Sign of the Baphomet: A goat’s head inside an inverted pentagram. Baphomet refers to a pagan idol worshiped by an order of knights that protected pilgrims in the Holy Land during the Second Crusade.

Ankh: Another holdover from the 60’s, derived from the Egyptian symbol for fertility and used by satanists to represent the place where a black mass is held.

Cross of Confusion: The upside-down question mark affixed to the cross is meant to raise doubts about the existence of Christ.

666: The number of the beast—Satan—as described in the Book of Revelations.

A version of this article appeared in the September 01, 1989 edition of Teacher as Satanic Symbols