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Curmudgucation Digest (Oct. 5)

By Peter Greene — October 05, 2014 1 min read
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Data Dopiness in Indiana

You may have stopped worrying about the Data Overlords, but events in Indiana show that data mining is still on the menu.

The Market Hates Losers

People who think free market forces will save education understand neither education nor free market forces.

Gates at Politico. Wrong. So Wrong.

Bill Gates in a Politico interview compares educational standards to standards for outlets and railroad gauges. Boy, is he wrong.

What Lily Misses about the Common Core

The new NEA president rips into everything-- except CCSS, which she still believes can be decoupled from The Test. Here’s what I don’t think she gets.

The Seven Big Lies of Reformsterdom

Seven fundamental untruths that make the foundation of the whole reformy mess.

Getting out of Poverty

Ed reform won’t end poverty, and offering it as merely an escape is cynical.

Navarrette Doesn’t Quite Get Common Core

A CNN commentator tries to offer his two cents on the Core. He comes up a little short.

Ask Arne: Teacher Diversity

Taking on the issue of teacher diversity, Arne correctly identifies an issue, but fails to get the actual problem.

Hess’s History of Common Core Failure

Conservative AEI guy Rick Hess lays out the history of how CCSS went wrong. He misses a few points, but it’s still a very interesting read.

Fraud and Mismanagement in PA Charter Schools

A new report shows how messed up charter oversight is in Pennsylvania.

Living in a Non-Standardized World

What does standardization have to do with real life? Pretty much nothing.

College Ready for Economic Mysteries

A new AP article about unsolved problems of the economic recovery cast real doubts on the notion that ed reform can fix the economy.

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