Online Extras

January 16, 2009 1 min read

Online-only articles featured in the winter issue of Digital Directions include:

Scholars Diverge in Assessing the Intellect of ‘Digital Kids’
Has digital overload made today’s generation of students stupid or smart? Two experts debate this question in their respective new books.

Institute to Study Connections Between Computer Gaming, STEM Learning
Microsoft Research and a consortium of universities and education organizations have launched a research institute to investigate the connections between gaming and learning.

Math Study Evaluates Digital Aids
University of Louisville researchers are exploring how print textbooks can be converted to digital versions to help students with “print disabilities,” a term for various learning, visual, and physical issues that interfere with reading.

Scholars Discuss ‘Disruptive Innovation’ in K-12 Education
Experts say shifts in other industries foreshadow similar changes that are likely to happen in education.

Commentary: Digital Education: Mapping Innovation
The uneven quality of first-generation digital learning sometimes leaves an impression more of hokum than of transformation. But the second generation will not,” says Andy Hoffman.

A version of this article appeared in the January 21, 2009 edition of Digital Directions