Honors and Awards

November 08, 2007 1 min read

International Education Awards

Five high school students have been awarded the 2007 Youth Prizes for Excellence in International Education by the New York City-based Asia Society, a nonprofit organization that works to strengthen ties between Asian countries and the United States, and New York City-based Goldman Sachs Foundation, a philanthropy that promotes excellence and innovation in education. The students were selected based on their ability to demonstrate an understanding of international affairs and each will receive a $10,000 scholarship. This year’s recipients are Jacob Bredthauer, Omaha, Neb., Yena Jun, Hackensack, N.J., Chelsea Lee, Port Charlotte, Fla., Junyao Peng, Elk Grove, Calif., and Suruchi Srikanth, Irving, Texas.

Italian-American Teacher of the Year Award

Peter LoJacono, a teacher of Italian foreign language at Hutchinson Central Technical High School in Buffalo, N.Y., was recently named 2007 Teacher of the Year by the Washington-based National Italian American Foundation, a nonprofit organization that promotes the history and heritage of Italian-American culture. Mr. LoJacono was recognized for his dedication to incorporating a wide variety of cultural events into classroom activities. In recognition of this achievement, Mr. LoJacono will receive a continuing education stipend to study in Italy during the summer of 2009.