Hello and Goodbye

June 07, 2010 1 min read

Dear Readers,

I am very happy to welcome back writer Christina Samuels, who has just returned from her fellowship to resume covering special education and gifted education for Education Week.

I have enjoyed covering the rich and complex topic of special education and gifted education in her absence. I think the way the nation handles educating students with different needs says a lot about the future of education. It has been fascinating to see trends emerge like the use of Response to Intervention programs that base education on the individual needs of students along the entire spectrum of abilities in a classroom. It’s one of the ways special education and general education are merging into one seamless system.

During Christina’s absence, I so appreciated the input from readers and the chance to get to know you all, at least virtually. I hope you will enjoy Christina’s return and the new wisdom she will bring to the beat from her experience this year.

Please also join me over at my new blog, The Early Years, which will focus on early-childhood education. I am very excited to delve into the world of young learners and the educators who are working to give children the best start to their educations. I would welcome any input or ideas for what to write about , and which angles to explore, and, as always, look forward to your lively comments and discussions.

Thank you readers of this blog, for such a wonderful experience.

A version of this news article first appeared in the On Special Education blog.