December 21, 2009 1 min read


Instead of plotting and graphing math equations by hand, GeoGebra, a dynamic math program, allows educators and students to visualize equations on a computer. These interactive worksheets allow users to graph, chart, or plot a number of different equations, whether it’s basic arithmetic, geometry, or algebra. Users can sign on to GeoGebra as a Web startup, which requires a Java application download, or they can download and save the entire program to a personal computer for free. GeoGebra is an open-source project; the software has been updated several times and is offered in several languages. The site’s creator, Markus Hohenwarter, based the software on several popular programs that are used for organizing and charting data in the business world. His work has resulted in an academic tool that is affordable and transferable for everyday use.

—Tim Ebner

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