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Fla. High School Students to Select From 440 ‘Majors’

By Michele McNeil — December 19, 2006 1 min read

Students will soon face a new decision as they enter Florida high schools: choosing a major.

Last week, the Florida Department of Education released a list of 440 areas in which students can specialize during their high school careers—ranging from recreational-turf operations and floral assistant to aerospace and biotechnology.

Billed as majors, the choices are part of an education initiative from outgoing Gov. Jeb Bush.The new requirements start with next fall’s 9th graders.

The state developed its list from suggestions by local school districts that were reviewed by curriculum specialists and teachers. To graduate from high school, students will be required to earn eight credits in a major area, in addition to four credits each in English and mathematics and three credits each in science and social studies. One credit each will be required in fine arts and physical education and health.

Eighth graders will pick their majors in early 2007, and each year thereafter, through the state’s new online advising system. Not all majors will be available at all high schools. Students will be able to change their majors.

A version of this article appeared in the December 20, 2006 edition of Education Week