CDC Developments on Swine Flu Worldwide

By The Associated Press — April 30, 2009 1 min read

State officials had said in recent days they expected swine flu to appear in Minnesota.

—Deaths: 168 in Mexico, eight confirmed as swine flu and rest suspected. One confirmed in U.S., a 23-month-old boy from Mexico who died in Texas.

—Sickened: 2,498 suspected and 91 confirmed in Mexico. Confirmed elsewhere: at least 93 in U.S.; 19 in Canada; 13 in New Zealand; five in Britain; four in Germany; 10 in Spain; two in Israel; and one in Austria.

—U.S. cases confirmed by CDC and state officials: 51 in New York, 14 in California, 16 in Texas, three in Maine; two in Kansas, two in Massachusetts, and one each in Indiana, Ohio, Arizona and Nevada. CDC also said Michigan had two, but state officials said only one was confirmed.

—World Health Organization raises pandemic alert to second highest level, meaning it believes a global outbreak of the disease is imminent.

—Texas Gov. Rick Perry issues disaster declaration, and state suspends all high school sports competitions until May 11.

—Texas school closings affected 130,000 children. Some schools also closed in Illinois, New York City, California, South Carolina, Connecticut, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Arizona and Ohio. Mexico suspends all schools until May 6.

—U.S. Food and Drug Administration issues emergency guidance allowing certain antiviral drugs to be used in broader range of population if needed. Public health emergency declared and roughly 12 million doses of Tamiflu from federal stockpile to be delivered to states.

—Ecuador, Cuba and Argentina ban travel to or from Mexico, and Peru bans flights from Mexico; U.S., European Union, other countries discourage nonessential travel there. Travelers arriving from Mexico questioned. Cruise lines avoid Mexico ports.

—Two leading U.S. makers of respiratory masks are ramping up production to keep heavy demand from pharmacies.

—Mexico suspends all nonessential activity of the federal government and private business from May 1-5. Public events canceled and masks handed out to the public.

—Egypt begins slaughtering nation’s roughly 300,000 pigs as precaution.

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