Block Busted?

May 02, 2001 1 min read

President Bush and some congressional Republicans want to consolidate funding for these and other K-12 programs into broad-based state grants. The amounts shown are for selected programs’ allocations from the fiscal 2001 budget:

Technology Literacy Challenge Fund $450 million
Innovative Education Program Strategies (Title VI) $385 million
Fund for the Improvement of Education $339 million
Immigration Education $150 million
Technology Innovation Challenge Grants $136 million
Preparing Tomorrow’s Teachers
to Use Technology
$125 million
Smaller Learning Communities $125 million
Community-Based Technology Center $65 million
Star Schools $59 million
Arts in Education $28 million
Inexpensive Book Distribution Program $23 million
Ready-to-Learn Television $16 million
Foreign-Language Assistance $14 million
Civics Education $12 million
National Writing Project $10 million
Regional Technology in Education Consortia $10 million
Telecommunications Demonstration Project
for Mathematics
$8.5 million
Gifted and talented Education $7.5 million
Women’s Educational Equity $3 million
Technology leadership activities $2 million
Allen J. Ellender Fellowships $1.5 million

SOURCE: U.S. Department of Education