Alternative Schools and Teacher Salaries

October 11, 2007 1 min read

Do alternative school teachers in Georgia have higher pay than regular school teachers?

As with any other state, Georgia teachers’ salaries are based on a salary schedule that takes into account a teacher’s years of service and educational level. Salaries are identical for all teachers at the same spot on the salary schedule, regardless of field assignments or teaching areas. Take a look at the Georgia Department of Education salary schedule. In the right sidebar, click on the state salary schedule for the desired year.

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Since special educators are in high demand in Georgia, you can contact individual school districts and alternative schools to see if any of them offer hiring incentives for this teaching area.

For additional information on Georgia teacher salaries, visit the Georgia Association of Educators Web site.

This answer, provided by Dr. Dawn Scheffner Jones, online education and health advisor for career services at Northern Illinois University, is intended for informational purposes only. Opinions are solely those of the participants.