A Snapshot of Choice

December 05, 2001 1 min read

The following chart shows enrollment information for selected public school districts and the United States as a whole, including the number of students attending regular public schools, the number attending charter schools, the number receiving privately financed, voucher-style scholarships to attend private schools, and the number using publicly financed vouchers to attend private schools.

Dayton, Ohio

Kansas City, Mo. Milwaukee District of Columbia United States
Regular public schools 20,975 30,200 103,400 68,000 46.5 million
Charter schools 3,500 5,800 9,800 10,900 576,000
Private scholarships 900 1,130 840 1,400 60,000
Vouchers --- --- 10,700 --- 17,500

NOTE: Enrollment figures are for 2001-02; the U.S. figure for enrollment in regular public schools is based on projected numbers. The number of private scholarships is based on those awarded by the largest providers of privately funded, voucher-style scholarships in the city and/or the nation.

SOURCE: Education Week reporting.

A version of this article appeared in the December 05, 2001 edition of Education Week as A Snapshot of Choice