Privacy Advocates Brace for Shakeup at U.S. Education Department

The chief privacy officer position at the U.S. Education Department is about to go vacant, sources say, as part of a broader reorganization. (December 0, )

Teacher's Facebook Post on Students' Social Media Secrets Goes Viral

Utah science teacher Skipper Coates asked her students to complete the following sentence: "What my parents don't know about social media is..." (December 0, )

Florida Virtual School Reveals Huge Data Breaches

The personal information of more than 368,000 students and 1,800 teachers was compromised, according to the country's largest state-run virtual school. (December 0, )

The Rise of AI: What's Happening, What It Means, How to Prepare?

At SXSW EDU last week we hosted a meetup to discuss the implications of artificial intelligence on education. Thought leaders and forward thinkers discussed what's happening, what it means and how we can prepare. (December 0, )

A Middle School Student's Take on Personalized Learning

I wanted to get a real idea of how personalization has changed the student experience, so I decided to go to the source. I interviewed Jonathan Reyes, one of our current 8th graders. (December 0, )

Two Ideas for Helping Districts Choose the Right Ed Tech

Richard Culatta, the former director of the ed-tech office at the U.S. Department of Education, advocated at SXSWedu for improving tech use through revamping teacher prep and procurement. (December 0, )

Educators Carefully Watch Pearson as It Moves to Sell K-12 Curriculum Business

Hundreds of thousands of U.S. students use Pearson's curriculum products in their classrooms, but soon those print and digital resources will be owned by a different company. (March 5, 2018)

Special Report

Technology Counts 2017: Classroom Tech: Where Schools Stand

(June 12, 2017)

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Marketplace K-12 Blog

Educators Identify ‘Good Guys/Bad Guys’ in How Schools Use Ed Tech

A workshop at SXSWedu found educators and technology officers comparing notes about the critical factors that make ed-tech a success or failure in their districts. (May 17, 2017)

Education ‘Moonshot’ on Horizon From Chan Zuckerberg Initiative

Jim Shelton, who leads the education division of the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, said the organization will focus on linking researchers, developers, and entrepreneurs, as well as educators, to scale what works. (May 19, 2017)

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To shift the narrative about the state of education, we need to bring more voices into the conversation. (03/13 07:43 pm)
An online resource collecting questions from students and educators, and providing answers from experienced youth allies and activists. (03/07 03:47 pm)
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