Computer Science for All: Can Schools Pull It Off?

Citing a shortage of tech-savvy workers, lawmakers and business leaders have successfully pushed schools to offer more computer science. Now comes the hard part. (February 19, 2018)

He Wants Chicago Kids to Build the Next Silicon Valley. He's 13.

Eighth grader Ian Michael Brock wants to make sure the next billion-dollar tech company is launched by a young person like him. He’s taken matters into his own hands. (February 19, 2018)

Computer Science for All and Silicon Valley: Generous Support or Corporate Takeover?

The tech industry is giving hundreds of millions of dollars to K-12 computer-science education, raising questions about its motives and impact. (December 0, )

The Cost of Personalized Learning? Six Figures, Then Status Quo

After a one-time infusion of startup funds, six Chicago schools were able to sustain personalized-learning models on regular public funds, a new analysis finds. (December 0, )

K-12 Media Literacy No Panacea for Fake News, Report Argues

With disinformation rampant on social media platforms, media literacy efforts need to focus on structural forces, not just students' personal responsibility for vetting information, Data & Society researchers contend. (December 0, )

School Shootings Now Unfold on Social Media. Here's What Educators Need to Know.

When terror strikes, social media can be used to share information, process grief, and re-traumatize victims. Experts say parents and educators can help. (December 0, )

High-Quality Online Learning Is Possible and Indiana Leader Wants to Prove It

As the director of virtual and blended learning at Indiana’s Metropolitan School District of Wayne Township, Michele Eaton strives to bring personalized learning to students and teachers. She is recognized as a 2018 Leader To Learn From. (December 0, )

Special Report

Technology Counts 2017: Classroom Tech: Where Schools Stand

(June 12, 2017)

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New 'Education Exchange' Will Pay Teachers for Reviews of Ed-Tech Products

The Jefferson Education Exchange is being rolled out at the same time that a separate entity that also sought to bridge disconnects between ed-tech providers and schools, the Jefferson Education Accelerator, closes shop. (May 17, 2017)

Ed-Tech Startups Invited to Apply for State Digital Directors' Program

Companies selected as "emerging partners" by the State Educational Technology Directors Association will get access to digital learning leaders and larger companies that work with the nonprofit. (May 19, 2017)

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