April 4, 2007

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Critics fear that controversial themes could haunt young readers.
Poised at the intersection of two converging trends, online AP courses are experiencing a surge in popularity.
The recent wrap-up of an intensive, two-year examination of the federal Reading First initiative is not expected to halt debate over the program.
Teachers are less likely than administrators to say their students can excel academically, according to a recent survey.
So few students scored at the “proficient” or “advanced” levels in 2005 that the percentages rounded to zero.
District Dossier
Peter Zamora, a lawyer and former high school teacher, brings a varied experience to his role as an advocate.
News in Brief: A National Roundup
People in the News
News in Brief: A National Roundup
Struggling students can get help from special tutors who diagnose their weaknesses and tailor instruction to their needs—all with an inhuman degree of patience.
A series of roundtables with education “stakeholders” will explore ways that technology can improve education.
New courses will help children to learn to think like computer scientists.
A report characterizes the Education Department’s programs for the teaching of foreign languages and cultures as “fragmented.”
Health Update
Detailed observations of 5th graders in 20 states show that students of "highly qualified" teachers focused on basic skills rather than problem-solving activities.
The correlation does not fade by the end of elementary school, according to a report from a long-running federally funded study.
Report Roundup
With the entry of an array of new providers in recent years, Apex Learning has been forced to regroup.
Citing cuts into other courses, state lawmakers resist national tide.
Schools and districts should receive aid that addresses the unique concerns of rural schools, educators said.
State Journal
Reporter's Notebook
News in Brief: A State Capitals Roundup
Capitol Recap
The inspector general’s Reading First reports have boosted the office's visibility.
Experts say NCLB has prompted a significant improvement in the education of students with disabilities.
Federal File
Advocates want the federal law to give states the power to enforce the parental-involvement sections of NCLB.
News in Brief: A Washington Roundup
A growing network of Christian alternative schools is bent on getting troubled students back on track.
James J. Gallagher examines other large successful enterprises, like health care and national defense, to envision a high-quality support system for education.
The politicization of education has become a threat to its very existence, writes Jane C. Owen.
Education should help to usher young people into adulthood, not isolate them from it, writes Robert Epstein.

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