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Third grader Steven Pena, 8, does his schoolwork alongside classmates at Chicago International Charter School West Belden. The school has a 1-to-1 computing program, but is trying to create a better balance between the use of technology and the development of interpersonal skills.
—Laura McDermott for Education Week

Case Study: When Personalized Learning Requires a More Human Touch

A Chicago charter school that emphasizes personalized learning has delayed introducing new technologies for the past two years and emphasized social skills. (November 6, 2018)

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Spotlight on Technology in the Classroom

The influx of digital tools in the classroom has educators finding new ways to use technology to support instruction. In this Spotlight, explore how ed-tech can encourage social-emotional learning, how schools are tackling their purchasing and adoption decisions, and how technology is changing the teaching profession.

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10/27 08:47 am | Here's How Districts Should Handle Privacy Considerations in the COVID Era | Given how much information is now being collected about student health, there's a real need to consider privacy, a coalition of about two dozen education, disability ...

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Joseph Williams: Recognized for Leadership in Educational Technology
Joseph Williams, the technology director in California’s Perris Union High School District, demands fast responses to IT problems and insists on keeping close connections to teaching and learning by sitting in on lessons and coaching his colleagues. He is recognized as a 2017 Leader To Learn From.

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Quiz Yourself: How Much Do You Know About 1-to-1 Technology Initiatives in Schools?
How much do you know about 1-to-1 technology initiatives in schools, how teachers are using technology in classroom instruction, and what the next frontier of the 1-to-1 model may look like?

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Safely storing videos of classroom lessons and protecting sensitive health information will be a challenge.
August 11, 2020 – Education Week
Uber-popular with tweens and teens, the video-sharing platform on which users share short clips is raising concerns about student data privacy and national security.
July 29, 2020 – Education Week
Some districts are scrambling to account for thousands of devices—a task made more urgent by the uncertainty over when students will be able to return to school buildings full-time.
July 23, 2020 – Education Week
School districts are competing against each other for purchases of digital devices as remote learning expands to schools across the country.
April 1, 2020 – Education Week
An unprecedented number of online interactions between teachers and students from their respective homes introduce new privacy questions that lack easy answers.
March 26, 2020 – Education Week
Chief technology officers are facing an unprecedented test of digital preparedness due to the coronavirus pandemic, struggling with shortfalls of available learning devices and huge Wi-Fi access challenges.
March 19, 2020 – Education Week
The Flagstaff schools in Arizona suffered a ransomware attack that forced district officials to close schools for two days. Here’s what the district learned from that experience.
March 18, 2020 – Education Week
The proliferation of school-issued digital devices can open schools up to all kinds of cybersecurity problems, especially in schools with 1-to-1 computing programs.
March 18, 2020 – Education Week
Cybersecurity experts have warned about coronavirus pandemic-related phishing scams targeting many sectors of the economy. Now, schools are being warned to be extra vigilant too.
March 18, 2020 – Education Week
Schools are trying to forge stronger workforce connections in K-12 by revamping curriculum and school culture to help students explore potential careers.
February 5, 2020 – Education Week

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