Special Report

Disrupted Learning: The Hard Task of Getting Students Back on Track

Image of teacher working with student.
Image of teacher working with student.
Phynart Studio/Getty
Two years of pandemic-disrupted schooling have exhausted teachers and their students. Many hoped this school year would be a time for recovering unfinished learning, but COVID-19's omicron variant threw a monkey wrench into those hopes, as many schools temporarily shut their doors again.

This Education Week special report suggests a somber road in the months ahead. New EdWeek Research Center data shows teachers aren’t confident they can get students to grade level by the end of the year. They’re trying to keep expectations high while contending with low student engagement and their own sagging morale. Many have had to lower the rigor of their assignments, a move that comes with a bevy of worries for the future. And they’re finding less support—from everyone except their teacher colleagues—as they work to help students catch up.