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Illustration of diverse students entering higher education
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Teacher Preparation Opinion ‘We Are Desperate, Too’: A Message From a Teacher-Educator
Teacher-candidates can do more for your school than just fulfill their required hours. Here are 4 steps for better university partnerships.
Leah Wasburn-Moses, July 28, 2022
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Teacher Preparation Video I Am Native American and a Teacher. That Matters to My Students
A 2004 University of Oregon graduate helps her students see that it’s possible to be both Native and a teacher.
Kaylee Domzalski, November 17, 2021
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Teacher Preparation Opinion First-Year Teachers Need Support This Year. Here Are 5 Ways Prep Programs Can Help
Do the teachers and administrators stepping into the classroom or school office for the first time during the pandemic have what they need?
Linda S. McKee, September 3, 2021
3 min read
Misti Kemmer, a 4th grade teacher at Russell Elementary School in Los Angeles, had a negative experience being mentored as a new teacher, but is now a mentor herself.
Misti Kemmer, a 4th grade teacher at Russell Elementary School in Los Angeles, had a negative experience being mentored as a new teacher, but is now a mentor herself.
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Recruitment & Retention Mentors Matter for New Teachers. Advice on What Works and Doesn't
Mentorships can go a long way in keeping new teachers in the field. But not all mentor-mentee relationships are created equal.
Elizabeth Heubeck, May 4, 2021
6 min read
Teaching Profession Opinion Public Schools Need the Equivalent of Teaching Hospitals
New teachers in high-poverty schools don't get the training they need, write Suzanne Donovan and Bruce Alberts. They and their students suffer for it.
Suzanne Donovan & Bruce Alberts, July 13, 2020
5 min read
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School Climate & Safety Opinion What Happens to Student-Teachers Now? A Guide for Teachers
You can still keep prospective teachers in the fold remotely, writes John Pascarella. Here are 7 steps to make it work.
John Pascarella, April 8, 2020
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Teacher Preparation Video On a Mission to Help Student-Teachers Thrive—and Stay in the Profession
Marsha Francis, the program director of GO First Step in Fulton County, Ga., has rethought how the district handles student teaching.
Recruitment & Retention Video Revamping How a School System Hires, Places, and Supports Teachers and Educators
Gonzalo La Cava, chief of human resources in Palm Beach County, Fla., knows that schools must be strategic about finding the right teachers.
Professional Development Q&A Outgoing New Teacher Center CEO: 'Teachers Are Not Born, They're Developed'
On the eve of her retirement from the New Teacher Center, Ellen Moir reflects on lessons learned in a decades-long career in teacher development.
Madeline Will, August 13, 2018
7 min read
Recruitment & Retention New Teachers Are Often Assigned to High-Poverty Schools. Why Not Train Them There?
Denver is testing a strategy for preparing new teachers: having them serve for a year as "associate teachers" in highly rated, high-poverty schools.
Brenda Iasevoli, August 3, 2018
4 min read
Recruitment & Retention Fla. Superintendent to Become the New Teacher Center's Next CEO
Desmond Blackburn, the superintendent of the Brevard County, Fla., school district, will lead the nonprofit that's well known for its work mentoring incoming educators across the country.
Madeline Will, May 14, 2018
3 min read
Professional Development What Works in Teacher Induction? The New Teacher Center Releases Its Standards
This is the first time that the New Teacher Center is releasing its standards to the public, instead of just its partner districts.
Madeline Will, February 13, 2018
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Recruitment & Retention Ellen Moir, New Teacher Center Founder, to Retire
After 20 years leading the New Teacher Center--a nonprofit well-known for its work mentoring incoming educators around the country--Ellen Moir has announced she will retire this summer.
Liana Loewus, October 16, 2017
1 min read
Teacher Preparation If We Fix Student Teaching, Will We Fix Teacher Shortages?
The president of the National Council on Teacher Quality presented what she sarcastically called a "radical" solution for both improving the pipeline of new teachers and filling specific teacher shortages: "Fix student teaching."
Liana Loewus, July 18, 2017
4 min read