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Updated: Edbizbuzz Jumps on McCain Adviser Wagon

By Michele McNeil — July 29, 2008 1 min read
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Alexander Russo heard that Marc Dean Millot is advising, in some capacity, the McCain campaign.

And, indeed, it’s true!

But the edbizbuzz blogger is not spilling the beans on what he’s been asked about, or what he told McCain’s folks. (UPDATE: Read Millot’s own blog post about his advising.) Here’s what Millot said in an email to me when I asked him about his role with the McCain campaign:

I want to be polite, but direct: I'm not planning to discuss anything about my input or advice with anyone outside the campaign, on or off the record. I am hardly the campaign insider, but that's irrelevant. I am very much "old school" on this. Given my background as a lawyer and consultant, and my days working classified programs at RAND, I think of this as a client relationship (albeit a nonpaying, nonlegal client), so [it] is up to others to make decisions about disclosure on what I say, write, read or hear in the course of the relationship. There are two reasons the relationship is now public. * I want to start writing more directly about the candidates and campaign, and I feel obligated to show my cards first. I'm now obviously on the record as for McCain. * I talk to a lot of reporters about a lot of things and pretty soon they are going to start asking me about the election. Better to disclose now, than have an awkward moment later.

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