Live Election Coverage: Governors’ Races

By Andrew Ujifusa — November 05, 2014 4 min read
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On Nov. 4, this blog will track the results in a selection of governor’s races with big potential for impact on education. Big issues in the races include education spending, teacher policy, and testing. For each race, I’ll highlight the winner and add a dollop of analysis. There are also hyperlinks for each election that I’ve written about in recent months. The blog will be updated throughout the evening and into the next day. The winners will be highlighted and a short analysis will accompany each race. Be sure to click through the hyperlinks for more in-depth campaign coverage.


Gov. John Hickenlooper (D) v. Bob Beauprez (R)

Hickenlooper backed a controversial—and ultimately unsuccessful—$950 million tax-increase initiative that would have overhauled public school funding. He also fine-tuned the way the state rates schools and teachers. (For more on the Colorado governor’s race, click here.)

Connecticut MALLOY WINS

Gov. Dannel Malloy (D) v. Tom Foley (R)

Early in his tenure, Malloy sought to end existing teacher contrast and push for a greater role for charter schools. But lately, he’s struck a more conciliatory stance toward labor. (For more on the Connecticut governor’s race, click here.)


Charlie Crist (D) v. Gov. Rick Scott (R) v. Adrian Wyllie (Libertarian)

Scott has pledged to boost K-12 per-student spending above the levels set by the man he beat, Democrat Charlie Crist. He could also sign pro-charter-school legislation, and Republicans who control the legislature could push to reform school spending under Scott. (For more on the Florida governor’s race, click here.)


State Sen. Jason Carter (D) v. Gov. Nathan Deal (R)

Deal has expressed interest in creating a state-run network of charter schools, and pledged a thorough review of the state’s school funding system. (For more on the Georgia governor’s race, click here.)


Gov. Pat Quinn (D) v. Bruce Rauner (R)

Rauner, a business executive, has been critical of public-sector unions, raising concerns in union quarters that he would move to curb public workers’ collective bargaining rights. However, he will be working with a legislature controlled by Democrats. (For more on the Illinois governor’s race, click here.)


State Rep. Paul Davis (D) v. Gov. Sam Brownback (R) v. Keen Umbehr (Libertarian)

After significant budget cuts and a high-profile lawsuit over school funding, Gov. Brownback signed a fiscal 2015 budget that increased school spending by $120 million, while curbing due process for teachers, easing teacher-licensing requirements, and increasing school choice. Davis says Gov. Brownback has deprived schools of needed revenue. Brownback has countered that he has increased K-12 spending. Umbehr opposes the common core and says state and federal funds should follow students intead of being directed to schools. (For more on the Kansas governor’s race, click here.)


U.S. Rep. Mike Michaud (D) v. Gov. Paul LePage (R) v. Eliot Cutler (Independent)

In his first year as governor in 2011, LePage signed into law a bill allowing charter schools to open in the state. In 2014, he vetoed legislation that would create a state-run virtual charter school because of his concerns about a moratorium the bill imposed on private virtual schools.

Massachusetts BAKER WINS

Attorney Gen. Martha Coakley (D) v. Charlie Baker (R)

Baker, the former CEO of a health care organization in Massachusetts, wants to ditch the state’s cap on the number of charter schools.


Mark Schauer (D) v. Gov. Rick Snyder (R)

Having been re-elected, Snyder’s move to make Michigan a right-to-work state in 2012 is safe, much to the disappointment of labor unions. He’ll have the state-run achievement district and education spending on his plate in 2015. (For more on the Michigan governor’s race, click here.)

Pennsylvania WOLF WINS

Tom Wolf (D) v. Gov. Tom Corbett (R)

Wolf will work to increase state spending on K-12 while simultaneously reducing the local share of public-school budgets. He’ll also be an ally for the Philadelphia teachers’ union, who have been in a battle with the state commission overseeing the city school system over teachers’ contracts. (For more on the Pennsylvania governor’s race, click here.)


State Sen. Wendy Davis (D) v. Attorney Gen. Greg Abbott (R)

Abbott could make a push for bigger early education programs, but don’t expect that push to include federal Head Start programs. As the state attorney general, he’s also defended the 2011 cut to the state K-12 budget. (For more on the Texas governor’s race, click here.)


Mary Burke (D) v. Gov. Scott Walker (R)

Earlier this year, Walker came out in favor of repealing the common core in Wisconsin in 2015. With his win, the standards could now be in jeopardy next year. (For more on the Wisconsin governor’s race, click here.)

A version of this news article first appeared in the State EdWatch blog.