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QR Codes as Classroom Tools

By Liana Loewus — January 24, 2013 1 min read
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Monica Burns offers what amounts to a classroom teacher’s ode to QR (“quick response”) codes, in an Edutopia blog post.

The fifth-year teacher explains that having students scan the codes with Smartphones or tablets is simpler and less time-consuming than having them type in long Web addresses. She also claims the codes are easy to make (for instance, and “keep things new and exciting” for students. She writes:

Try creating scavenger hunts that will get your students to visit a variety of websites to gather information on a topic. Get students engaged and moving by placing QR codes in different parts of your classroom or school building.

The obvious caveat here is that Burns works in a setting with one-to-one technology—mainly iPads—and most teachers do not.

But here’s another potential caveat: When’s the last time you used a QR code yourself? Is this a real-world-relevant tech tool or simply a passing (passed?) fad? Seems to me that long Web addresses are here to stay, so maybe giving kids practice with them isn’t a bad use of time. I’m not so sure about QR codes.

Teachers, as always, please weigh in.

A version of this news article first appeared in the Teaching Now blog.