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¡Ask a Mexican!

By Alexander Russo — June 29, 2007 1 min read
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Some people love The Mexican. Some hate him. But no one can deny his word is spreading. Two years since I last blogged about him (Only Gringos Call Gringos Gringos, Gabacho), he’s in two dozen alternative weeklies and has a book coming out. As this NYT article describes (The Mexican Will See You Now), The Mexican is everywhere. Click below to see a list of questions about kids and parents and schools that I wish The Mexican would answer.Possible questions -- maybe you have better ones:

-- how come mexican kids don’t look you in the eye or talk during class?

-- what’s the deal with parents allowing girls to get their ears pierced so young and wear such tight clothing in elementary school?

-- how can you tell if a kid is mexican or puerto rican or guatemalan without asking him or her directly?

-- how come the mexican kids don’t get along with the puerto rican kids, and vice versa?

-- how come mexican parents don’t come to parents night or ask questions about how their kid is doing in school?

-- the mexican boys seem to pick on each other a lot -- what’s with that?

-- what are five words in spanish i need to know if i’m teaching in a school with lots of mexican kids?

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