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News of Note: After-School Headlines

By Mary-Ellen Phelps Deily — May 14, 2010 1 min read
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I’m thinking about starting a new feature here on Beyond Schools—the weekly round-up of news about expanded learning. Today, I’m giving it a first shot with a short list of headlines from around the country. Again and again in recent weeks, I’ve seen headlines about school boards and town and city councils weighing cuts to after-school programming because of tight budgets. I’ve only picked up a few stories here, but they give you a sense of some of the happenings in the expanded-learning community. Feel free to add other news of note in comments. I hope to turn this into a more comprehensive feature down the line.

I want to start with an inspiring story a friend pointed out in The Baltimore Sun: Nine years later, a school project that many thought was only a dream becomes a reality. I am amazed that the kids actually pulled this off—it’s definitely worth reading.

Staying positive, here’s an upbeat story from San Francisco (upbeat at least in terms of summer camp investment): As schools cut back, S.F. steps up summer camps. San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom is really thinking on his feet; to me, this story reinforces the importance of strong leadership for beyond-school solutions.

And, another relatively positive story, this one on the summer school front from the very-strapped Detroit public schools: DPS to expand summer school to nearly 40,000 students

Finally, from Ohio: This isn’t a big story or a particularly happy one, but I think it points out the kinds of choices many communities are having to make. School Sports Running Out Of Time In N. Olmsted. I’ve actually linked you to the comments as they offer a window into the very different ways people see this issue. There’s an additional link to the full story near the top of the comments page.

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A version of this news article first appeared in the Beyond School blog.