April 20, 2011

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With the help of technology, teachers are moving beyond textbooks and digging directly into primary sources to help their students better understand the past.
The bill funding the government through September cuts more than $1 billion from the Education Department, while extending Race to the Top and 'i3'.
Three Boston schools have hired cohorts of experienced, successful teachers to try to change the culture and improve student achievement.
The handful of public schools around the country that exclusively serve students affected by homelessness are bursting at the seams.
News in Brief
Report Roundup
News in Brief
Report Roundup
News in Brief
Report Roundup
News in Brief
Graduates completing a "rigorous" curriculum rose 8 percent since 1990, and those completing a "midlevel" one climbed 20 percent.
The U.S. Department of Education for the first time has issued guidance to schools on preventing and handling incidences of sexual violence both on and off campus.
Educators in an Evansville-area school district enlist community groups to provide academic, health, and social supports for vulnerable children.
A new Mathematica study raises questions about recent research suggesting that students are transferring out of KIPP middle schools and their seats are going unfilled.
No stranger to public schools, Mayor Bloomberg's latest pick to head the 1.1 million-student school system is likely to continue the education reforms the Bloomberg administration put in place.
The "next generation" assessments that are being developed to align with new common academic standards may run up against outsized expectations and technological and budget constraints, say researchers and test developers involved in the effort.
A series of studies explores why students avoid seeking help with school work and what digital tutors might be able to do about it.
School leaders are using online polling tools for everything from gauging parent and community support for bond measures to determining the best times to hold spring break.
New data show a drop since 2005 in the proportion of Latino 4-year-olds attending preschool—even as preschool enrollment holds steady for African-American and white children.
Best of the Blogs
In a study of 44,000 students, researchers calculate the academic toll that long parental deployments can have on military children.
As the U.S. commemorates the war's 150th anniversary, debates about the conflict persist and misinformation still thrives.
The Teaching American History grants program could see its budget cut from $119 million in fiscal 2010 to $46 million in the current year.
Teachers' unions and political advocates hope legal and ballot challenges will overturn newly enacted restrictions on collective bargaining by public employees.
The $4 billion in federal grants spur local projects sometimes overlooked amid the program's more sweeping goals.
Policy Brief
The U.S. Supreme Court rules 5-4 against taxpayers who sought to overturn an Arizona program aiding religious schools.
Terry M. Moe and Paul T. Hill argue that neither a free market or a government-run education system is the answer, in the third essay of the Futures of School Reform series.
Policymakers should make educator pension systems more transparent, Robert M. Costrell and Michael Podgursky write.
Mike Schmoker and Gerald Graff write that the new common-core standards in English/language arts are bloated and lacking a focus on an essential skill: argument.
Local, state, and federal officials must act to protect school districts from future financial crises, Kristi L. Bowman writes.
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