Third Parties: Candidates and Resources

June 21, 2000 1 min read
Party Candidate(s) *
Constitution Party Read Constitution candidate Howard Phillips’ biography .
Green Party Read leading Green Party candidate Ralph Nader’s candidacy announcement, and a short bio. Read about the other Green Party candidates.
Libertarian Party Read why Harry Browne is running for president as a Libertarian, and his biography. Read about the other Libertarian candidates.
Natural Law Party Read bios of the Natural Law Party presidential contenders, including John Hagelin, the leading candidate. Read more about his campaign (Mr. Hagelin is also campaigning for the Reform Party nomination).
Reform Party Visit leading Reform party candidate Patrick J. Buchanan’s campaign Web site.
Socialist Party U.S.A. Read Socialist Party U.S.A. nominee David McReynolds’ biography.
DemocracyNet has compiled a chart comparing the candidates’ positions on a variety of issues.
* NOTE: This is not meant to be a comprehensive list of either candidates or third parties. For a more complete list, visit Third Party Central.