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The Education Questions That Didn’t Get Asked on the CNN/YouTube Debate

By Michele McNeil — November 30, 2007 1 min read
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Since I’ve already updated you on the education question that did get asked during Wednesday night’s Republican CNN/YouTube debate, I thought I’d put together a collection of my favorite school-related questions submitted to YouTube that were not asked. These certainly would have sparked interesting responses.

Take this one: A 14-year-old from Traverse City, Mich., who declares that teen violence is actually caused by school, and “all the crap” students have to put up with there.

Or this one, from a Florida student who is using way too many big words for his age. Did someone do his homework?

Then there’s this one, from a mom in Kentucky who assures the candidates that people in her state do, indeed, read.

And finally, this one, which in all seriousness, is a very good question from an African-American student in Washington, D.C., who wants to know what the candidates will do about a significant issue in this country: education equity.