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December 04, 1991 1 min read

Judith E. Lanier, Robert H. McCabe, and Theodore R. Sizer have been named winners of the 199/Harold W. McGraw Jr. Prize in Education.

Ms. Lanier, the dean of education at Michigan State University, was cited for her work in improving teacher education through her involvement with the Holmes Group consortium of universities and the Michigan Partnership for New Education.

Mr. McCabe, the president of Miami-Dade Community College, won for his efforts to revitalize that institution.

Mr. Sizer, a professor of education at Brown University and the chairman of the Coalition of Essential Schools, was cited for his work in forming the school-reform network.

The prize was established in 1988 in celebration of McGraw-Hill Inc.'s 100th anniversary and was named for the corporation’s chairman emeritus. Each winner receives a cash prize of $25,000.

Students at Kaler Elementary School in South Portland, Me., have collected books to donate to President and Mrs. Bush, who lost a number of books during a storm late last month that damaged their Kennebunkport vacation home.

The school’s principal, Douglas Caldwell, suggested the students collect some books to replace the lost ones. The students collected more than 100, two dozen of which will go to the Bushes. The rest will be donated to local literacy efforts.

Titles bound for the Bushes include the children’s books Bambi Gets Lost and St. George and the Dragon and President Eisenhower’s Mandate for Change.

Ruth Steele, superintendent of the Little Rock, Ark., public schools, has announced she will retire from her job in June.

Ms. Steele has been head of the state’s largest district since 1989, previously serving as its associate superintendent and as a program director with the state education department.

In announcing her retirement, she cited the recent death of her husband and ongoing struggles with the school board, which continues to grapple with the implications of a federal desegregation order.

A version of this article appeared in the December 04, 1991 edition of Education Week as People News