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Thursday Link Love

By Eduwonkette — September 25, 2008 1 min read

1) My Kingdom for a Parking Space: On top of everything else, NYC teachers like Mimi are without parking. As always, she has some funny and insightful things to say about it:

Sometimes it feels as if the forces in the universe are alligning to make this job as difficult as possible, just to see if I have the balls to stick with it. Other times, it feels as if teachers (as people) are the absolute last priority on everyone's list...that we will just suck it up and deal with ridiculous situations "for the kids." If one more person tells me to do it "for the kids", I might throw a kid at them. Seriously. Stop playing on our good intentions and altruistic dedication to the future and treat us like the professionals you so desperately claim you want us to be. It just seems at times as if this job teeters on the brink of being inhumane.

2) Quiz Show: Celia Oyler puts together her second New York City Progress Report Quiz.

3) Dream big, Harvard: It would be a shame if this $44 million R&D effort in education spent most of its brainpower studying incentives.

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