Education Letter to the Editor

Speech Class

August 12, 2005 1 min read

As a high school student and future educator, I’ve often been shocked at the lack of say that we students have in the important decisions that affect our lives and futures every day and [at] the lack of discussion on these subjects in the classroom [“The Silent Majority,” Perspective, May/June]. If we can’t talk about these things in a safe environment such as school, then where are we supposed to turn for democratic and moral role models? Most of the students I know have lost faith in the government and society when it comes to important decisionmaking and want no part of it.

If the schools continue to closet us from the things that affect our lives in such a drastic way, how do they expect us to be able to make decisions—or even expect us to want to participate—when we’re thrust into the real world? Even if [the attention to student decisionmaking] was just a marginal blip, I’m thankful that you mentioned it because it shows me that I’m not the only one concerned.

Shaina Phillips

Atwater High School

Atwater, California