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Curmudgucation Digest (November 30)

By Peter Greene — November 30, 2014 1 min read
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Rochester charter shenanigans, America’s sexiest teacher, and festival of gubernatorial talking points in this week’s Curmudgucation.

Rochester Charter Baloney

For a while this week, it looked like Rochester would cough up new excitement every day. At first, we were just being amazed by a 22-year-old charter school leader. But almost immediately the story turned weirder and weirder, as it turned out he had started his edupreneurial journey at a much younger age, and not stopped along the way to actually grauate from anywhere. Ultimately, we all had to wonder if anybody at NYSED or the Regents was actually paying attention to anything other than the paperwork.

Michigan Court Okays Crappy Schools

Michigan courts ruled that the state has no obligation to make sure that schools are any good. Seriously.

Core Ready Schools

Aspen and Achieve have created a great new tool for telling if your school is on track for implementing the Core. Don’t worry-- it has nothing to do with actually educating students.

America’s Sexiest Teacher

People magazine honors one of us for being sexy. Is that a good thing?

Is US ED Tightening Noose on Special Ed?

More signs that the Department of Education is angling to simply make special education go away.

Access-- $500 Cheap!

In the process of doing some on-line money-grubbing, Teach Plus reveals how much it costs to have access to policymakers

Enjoy the Day

By law, all bloggers must wax profound on Thanksgiving. Just doing my part here.

Five Governors in Search of a Talking Point

At the GOP governor’s gathering, Governors Walker, Perry, Pence, Jindal and Kasich try out talking points about the Core. Kasich makes a surpising come-from-behind stand as Most Clueless.

PA Axes Reading Specialist Programs

Pennsylvania has decided to turn the reading specialist certificate into a pass-a-test add-on.

Feds Support Crappy Colleges

The newest chapter in the predatory for-profit Corinthian Colleges saga reinforces the federal commitment to watching out for corporations first.

Report Shows Huge $$ In Ed Testing

A new industry report shows just how huge the Common Core testing windfall is.

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