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Curmudgucation Digest (May 24)

By Peter Greene — May 24, 2015 1 min read
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Charter boosting in PA, discord in NJ, and poker for the rich and famous-ish in NY.

Teacher Diversity Matters

Hard to believe we still have to argue about this.

The Ballast

Charters can be great for the folks who ride in the balloon, but they’re awfully hard on the ballast.


One more piece of education jargon for which there’s no real definition.

Reformster Poker Benefit

Got a quarter million to toss around? Get yourself a fun evening of poker while helping support those poor, beleaguered charter operators.

You might be a charter school fan...

How to tell if you might be a charter school fan.

NJ: No Applause for Banning Testing for the Littlest Students

New Jersey is talking about banning testing for K-2 students. I’m not impressed.

Live Specifically

My birthday meditation, from the files.

PA: Another Charter Boosting Plan

Some folks have decided that Pennsylvania needs an Achievement School District. Because democracy is just so last century...?

Is NAEP Really a Benchmark?

Lots of folks have been talking about the NAEP as a benchmark test lately. Is that talk justified?

Jebster on Education

Jeb offers ten different wrong observations about education.

The Myth of the Hero Teacher

The viral hit of the week. Why the idea of a hero teacher is bad for education.

Is There a Good Standardized Test?

Challenged to think of a “good” standardized test, I wrack my brain and my imagination.

Newark: The Civil Rights Lie

Student protests in Newark last Friday reveal, once again, the hollowness of reformster civil rights rhetoric.

PA: Huffman Sells Snake Oil

Helpful Kevin Huffman comes to Pennsylvania to give us advice about running education. No, thanks.

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