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Curmudgucation Digest (March 29)

By Peter Greene — March 29, 2015 1 min read
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Politics, testing, and a film worth watching today.

Who’s Scoring the Test?

Looking at one more company that gets its test scorers from Craigslist ads.

How Reformers Win in PA

Do taxpayers see the connection between policy choices in Harrisburg and the closing of their local schools? Some days, not very much.

See “Defies Measurement”

A filmmaker has released, for free, on the web, a documentary that shows the impact of ed reform on both the large scale and the personal. This takes just a hair over an hour to watch; it’s worth your time.

Duncan Looks for Spare Children

Arne Duncan should have thought a bit more carefully about his newest slogan.

Embrace the Core

We’ve reached the point where “common core” means pretty much anything. Maybe it’s time to use that to our advantage.

Ken-Ton Schools Receive First Official Threat from the State

Over near Buffalo, a small school district has been itching for a battle with the state. This week they took their first shot, and the state immediately shot back.

On Not Being a Jerk To Young Teachers

Warning, sure. Reality check, maybe. But let’s stop being a jerk to people who want to join the teaching profession.

Voucher Party

If the money really belongs to the student and not the school, let’s just run with it.

Help for the Failing Schools

Once again, someone wants to argue that opting out is an affluent white thing that’s bad for minority and poor students.

Presidential Magical Misery Tour

I hate the 2016 election cycle already.

Who Put the D in DFER?

How exactly are these guys Democrats, again?

Razing Arizona

Public education is getting hammered in Arizona.

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