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Curmudgucation Digest (March 22)

By Peter Greene — March 22, 2015 1 min read
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Testing, testing, Pearson annoying people, Whitney Tilson, and failing publishers. Also, I use my imagination to search for reformy answers.

Pearson Proves PARCC Stinks

The Pearson flap reminded us about all the test security, and that test security does not speak well of the test itself.

Why Critical Thinking Won’t Be on The Test

Standardized tests are never going to include critical thinking. Here’s why.

Spellings Remains Steadfastly Wrong

Margaret Spellings has has a decade to think about No Child Left Behind. She still loves it, and testing, just fine.

Yelp for Teachers?

A writer floats a proposal for an education Yelp. Here’s why he’s probably going to be disappointed.

EdReports: Almost All Publishers Fail Common Core Math

EdReports surprises me by discovering that almost every major publisher flunked common core math book production.

Whitney Tilson Is Better Than You

Whitney Tilson and the DFER-style reformster mindset.

Charter Leeches Call for Help in PA

Charter operators do not care for the direction of the wind in PA.

Beyond Performance Assessment

Hoiw performance assessment can go wrong, and what it tells us about how testing has gone wrong.

Can You Become Better?

A sad, dark view of human nature and value leads to nothing good for education


Rather than rant further about how wrong I think some reform programs are, I tried imagining how certain reform elements could work. The result is a six-part series.

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