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Curmudgucation Digest (June 21)

By Peter Greene — June 21, 2015 1 min read
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Okay-- the digest has been out of commission for a few weeks while I’ve been tending to the end of the school year and traveling to see family. But for those of you who prefer to use this simple index for wading through the swamp of weekly Curmudgucation postings, here’s your Sunday look back! Touring some states, privatization, defending TFA, and trying to understand monsters-- plus, what the New York Times doesn’t know about education!

Can’t we do better than access?

Reformsters keep talking about supplying children with access to good education. Why we can do better than that.

Schneider: No NOLA Miracle

Mercedes Schneider debunks yet another part of the New Orleans imaginary miracle.

I’m Defending Teach for America

I’m probably one of the last people you’d expect to stand up for TFA, but some recent charges are just offensive lies.

Flying First Class

Traveling by air, you can see the face of the free market in action-- and it sure doesn’t look like equity.

Building Social Capital

Where does social capitol come from? How do we grow it?

Magical Magical Standardized Tests

My response to writers who want to tout the magical properties of the Big Standardized Test.

Jurassic Education World

The new hit movie is a reminder that pop culture agrees with defenders of public education.

PA: Assault on Public Ed Advances

Pennsylvania is one step closer to breaking public education.


One more blogger attempts to respond to the horror in South Carolina.

Sweden vs. Nevada

Edushyster’s look at Sweden is a reminder of why the state of Nevada should know better than to go super-choice.

Opting Options

Is opting out always the same as opting out? (Spoiler alert: no)

CA: What Else Could We Do...?

Looking across the street in California reminds me of just how much opportunity is being wasted on charter schools.

Privatization Primer

My shot at summing up the whole privatization process in one post.

NY: Toxic Dollars

A Common Cause report shows how badly money is polluting the politics of education in New York.


In the New York Times, Kate Taylor misses several points in her look at the Common Core ELA classroom.

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