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Curmudgucation Digest (January 25)

By Peter Greene — January 25, 2015 2 min read
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This week the Washington Post got moral, New Jersey charters got tough, and the Senate got busy.

NJ Charters Play Hardball

Turns out that New Jersey charters didn’t call up just any hired gun to try to silence criticism; they brought in an experienced slam artist.

Testing Success Stories

We’ve had test-driven accountability for over a decade now, and it was supposed to bring all sorts of success. So where are the success stories?

The Work We Have To Do

Even if modern ed reform ended tomorrow, there are still problems we have to solve in public education.

Spotting Bad Science

From the world of chemistry comes a handy guide to spotting bogus science in action.

The Washington Post’s Moral Imperative

The Post says that the work of NCLB is a moral imperative. I have a few other suggestions for them about some moral imperatives they might want to focus on.

NC Gets a Hint

Language in a decision about a North Carolina anti-abortion law gives us one more way to explain what’s wrong with much ed reform.

Dear Randi: About That ESEA Petition...

The AFT teamed up with CAP this week to announce that they were changing sides and supporting testing and VAM. We’re not all fans of the announcement.

Good vs. Uniform

The problem with having things meet a universal standard is that it insures mediocre results.

Choice Advocates Conduct Poll; Unsurprising Results Ensue

A choice advocacy group finds unprecedented support for school choice, and they want everybody (who’s running for President) to know about it.

Conservative Brake Shoes

Rick Hess and Andy Smarick made some arguments for nuancing, conservatism and conversation-building. I take that ball and run with a little.

Involuntary Free Market

There’s at least one aspect of education that makes it different from any other sector when it comes to a free market.

More Hard Charter Lessons

In Indianapolis, more parents are shocked and upset when their charter doesn’t act like a public school.

CEO Tells Education To Take a Low-cost Hike

The title of the event was “Business Backs Education.” The point of the talk by Blackstone’s CEO was “Not So Much.”

K Reading Instruction: Ignoring the Experts

A new report lays out the ways in which CCSS kindergarten reading standards are just plain wrong.

Public Education: Political Orphan

The NCLB hearing was a reminder that neither party has our back.

What Is Public Education, Really?

Many education reforms aren’t about fixing public education so much as replacing it with something different.

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