New Charter Sparks Debate in NYC

September 16, 2008 1 min read

Two NYC education bloggers are debating Green Dot charter school’s recent decision to unionize with the United Federation of Teachers and what it means for teacher tenure at the school.

Edwize, a UFT sponsored blog, supports the decision, saying it gives teachers at the school excellent protection.

Teachers working at Green Dot New York Charter School are guaranteed “just cause” for any disciplinary action, including termination. Not only does this ensure fair and consistent treatment, it also surpasses the state’s tenure law as the school’s just cause commitment applies to all employees, not just those who have passed a probationary period.

But NYC Educator points out that according to the Green Dot Web site, the teachers at Green Dot schools have no “tenure or seniority preference,” and questions the alternative that Edwise mentions.

[Edwise] put up a post today … repeating his contention that Green Dot teachers have something even better than tenure. I myself wonder what that may be, since the Green Dot website proudly declares its teachers have neither tenure nor seniority rights. It fails to mention its teachers have something better than tenure.

NYC Educator worries that the lack of tenure will hurt the teachers most.

When union muckety-mucks start pooh-poohing tenure, it does not bode well for teachers.

A version of this news article first appeared in the Blogboard blog.