Mix It Up—Calculate Your Own State Grades

January 18, 2008 1 min read

Every year Quality Counts has “more bells and whistles,” as Alexander Russo pointed out in his blog This Week in Education. This year we’re very excited to unveil an online grading tool that allows users to calculate new state scores. We always get a lot of questions about our grading. How did you calculate the grades? Why did you include this indicator? Why not that one? By changing the amount of weight assigned to any graded category, you can remix a state’s grade based on what is important to you. Try it out and tell us about your new grade.

Other Bells and Whistles
State Highlights Reports—Assembles important findings in an accessible format that allows you to examine a particular state’s performance on this year’s indicators.
State Report Cards Map—Offers a quick way to examine State-by-State grades and summary data.
Detailed State Data Comparison—Provides comprehensive data for individual states and ways to compare multiple states’ data in all categories.

A version of this news article first appeared in the Echo Chamber blog.