“Inside School Research” Changes Hands

By Debra Viadero — August 19, 2010 1 min read
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Today’s entry marks the end of my official authorship of the “Inside School Research” blog. From now on, instead of writing about education studies, I’ll be assigning stories about education research and editing the articles that reporters here at EdWeek write.

Fear not, though, because this blog is going to be transferred into the very capable hands of Sarah D. Sparks. Sarah’s no newcomer to education research, especially at the federal level. She’s been writing about federal and state education policy over the last five years for and—and doing a very good job of it, I might add. More importantly, though, she likes writing about regulations, regression analyses, and randomized controlled trials. How many people can say that?

So, farewell, and thanks, readers, for the thoughtful comments, the anecdotes, the tips, the tweets, the feedback, and, yes, even the criticism that you’ve offered over the last year. (Most of it, anyway.) It’s helped me get better at what I do and it’s opened up a rare, and much needed, forum for bridging the gap in education between what goes on in the laboratory and the day-to-day world of real schools.

A version of this news article first appeared in the Inside School Research blog.