Highlights of 1994 Ballot Proposals

November 02, 1994 3 min read


Constitutional Amendment 2
Authorize a state lottery.


Proposition 187
Make illegal aliens ineligible for public social services.

Proposition 188
Increase penalties for tobacco sales to and purchases by minors.


Constitutional Amendment 17
Limit terms of elected officials, including state and local board of education members.

District of Columbia

Initiative 49
Limit school board members and other elected officials to two consecutive four-year terms.


Question 1 (Constitutional Amendment)
Permit state bond issues to support nonprofit organizations providing early childhood education.

Question 2 (Constitutional Amendment)
Authorize the state to use bond proceeds to support such nonprofit organizations.

Question 3 (Constitutional Amendment)
Establish a board of education.

Question 4 (Constitutional Amendment)
Limit the board’s responsibility to determining education policy and appointing the state schools superintendent.


Proposition 1

Prohibit elementary and secondary school educators from discussing homosexuality as acceptable behavior.


Question 6 (Constitutional Amendment)
Make the state income tax graduated.

Question 7 (Initiative Statute)
Make the state income tax graduated.


Constitutional Amendment 2
Pay counties and schools for taxes lost because of land acquisition for park use.

Constitutional Amendment 7
Limit annual increases of state revenues and require voter approval of all state tax and public-revenue increases.


Constitutional Amendment 66
Require voter approval of state and local tax and public-revenue increases.

Constitutional Amendment 67
Require a two-thirds vote of the legislature for state tax and public-revenue increases and for expenditures above previous biennium’s level.

Constitutional Amendment 27
Provide that if a sales tax is enacted, the rate of the tax will not exceed 4 percent.

Constitutional Amendment 28
Allow the legislature to limit increases in property valuations and to require reassessment of market values when ownership changes.

Initiative Referendum 112
Enact a single income-tax rate of 6.7 percent.


Question 9 (Constitutional Amendment)
Limit terms of elected officials; school board members would serve no more than 12 years.

Question 11 (Constitutional Amendment)
Require a two-thirds vote of the legislature for tax or public-revenue increases.

New Mexico

Constitutional Amendment 1
Eliminate recall elections of local school board members.

Constitutional Amendment 8
Permit a statewide lottery.

Constitutional Amendment 11
Lower the voting age from 21 to 18.

Question B (Bond Issue)
Authorize $61.2 million for capital improvements in education facilities.

Question C (Bond Issue)
Authorize $2.5 million for library improvements.

North Dakota

Constitutional Amendment
Require some revenues from oil-extraction taxes to be used for education.


State Question 665 (Constitutional Amendment)
Require legislature to decide how education funds may be invested.

State Question 666 (Constitutional Amendment)
Raise the cap on library tax levies in some counties from four mills to six mills.


Measure 5 (Constitutional Amendment)
Require voter approval of state and local tax and public-revenue increases.

Measure 13 (Constitutional Amendment)
Prohibit government from teaching children or students that homosexuality equates legally or socially with race or other protected classifications.

Measure 15 (Constitutional Amendment)
Maintain school funding at no less than 1993-1995 amount.

Rhode Island

Question 8 (Bond Issue)
Authorize $29 million to build a career and technical school in Providence.

Question 10 (Constitutional Amendment)
Require the legislature to develop plan to reduce property taxes while increasing state aid for education.

South Dakota

Constitutional Amendment A
Permit legislature to enact laws requiring lessors of public land to pay property taxes.

Constitutional Amendment B
Lower voting age from 18 to 17.

Constitutional Amendment C
Relax requirements for investments of school funds.

Constitutional Amendment E
Continue state lottery.

Initiated Measure 1
Limit increases in property valuations to 1 percent and require reassessments of market value when ownership changes.


Proposition 2 (Constitutional Amendment)
Retain part of interest earnings from state school fund as principal and allow revenue from school trust lands to pay for administration of the lands.

Proposition 3 (Constitutional Amendment)
Define what constitutes the nonsectarian study of religion in public schools.


Referendum 43
Impose tax on canned and bottled soda to fund youth-violence and drug prevention programs.

West Virginia

Constitutional Amendment No. 1
Repeal section of constitution prohibiting racially mixed schools.

A version of this article appeared in the November 02, 1994 edition of Education Week as Highlights of 1994 Ballot Proposals