Goals Panel Creates Advisory ‘Resource Groups’

January 09, 1991 2 min read

Washington--The National Education Goals Panel has announced the creation of five resource groups that will advise it on options for its annual report card to the nation.

The first report card is scheduled to be released in September.

The resource groups include recognized experts in educational assessment and measurement in specific goals areas.

Each resource group has been asked to consider interim measures that might be used in September to report on progress toward the goals; measures that need to be developed to provide “fair, constructive assessment” of progress toward the goals until the year 2000; and potential formats for the initial report card.

The groups’ final reports are due Feb. 15. Task-force members are:

Resource Group on School Readiness: Ernest Boyer, Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching (convener); James Comer, Child Studies Center, Yale University; Sam Meisels, Center for Human Growth and Development, University of Michigan; Lucille Newman, school of medicine, Brown University; Doug Powell, department of child development and family studies, Purdue University; James Wilsford, Orangeburg (S.C.) School District No. 5; and Nicholas Zill, Child Trends.

Resource Group on Student Achievement: Lauren Resnick, Learning Research and Development Center, University of Pittsburgh (convener); Gordon Ambach, Council of Chief State School Officers; Chester E. Finn Jr., Educational Excellence Network, Vanderbilt University; Asa Hilliard, college of education, Georgia State University; David Hornbeck, consultant; Richard Mills, Vermont State Department of Education; Tom Payzant, San Diego public schools; Claire Pelton, San Jose (Calif.) Unified School District; Terry K. Peterson, Business-Education Subcommittee of the South Carolina Education Improvement Act; and Marshall Smith, school of education, Stanford University.

Resource Group on Mathematics and Science Achievement: Alvin Trivelpiece, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (convener); Iris Carl, Houston Independent School District; Linda Darling-Hammond, Teachers’ College, Columbia University; Edward Haertel, school of education, Stanford University; Key Lay, International Business Machines Corporation; Mike Nettles, University of Tennessee; and Senta Raizen, National Center for Improving Science Education.

Resource Group on Literacy and Lifelong Learning: Mark Musick, Southern Regional Education Board (convener); Paul Barton, Educational Testing Service; Forrest Chisman, Southport Institute; Peter Ewell, National Center for Higher Education Management Systems; Patsy Fulton, Brookhaven College; James R. Morris Jr., South Carolina State Board for Technical and Comprehensive Education; William Spring, Federal Reserve Bank of Boston; Tom Sticht, Applied Behavioral and Cognitive Sciences; and Marc Tucker, National Center for Education and the Economy.

Resource Group on Safe and Drug-Free Schools: Joseph Fernandez, New York City public schools (convener); Constance Clayton, Philadelphia public schools; Delbert Elliott, Institute of Behavioral Science, University of Colorado; David Hawkins, Social Development Research Group, University of Washington; and Lloyd Johnston, Institute for Social Research, University of Michigan.--lo