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January 23, 1991 2 min read

Full house; Kudos; Part time

Education may be getting $5 more popular on Capitol Hill.0

For many years, the House 0 Education and Labor Committee had so-called “temporary $ members,” who also had a full $ slate of slots on other panels, 0 because not enough lawmakers $ were interested in making it a $ permanent assignment.$

“This is the first time in a while that we had more interested $members than we had 0 openings,” said Representative $ William D. Ford, the $ Michigan Democrat who is the $ panel’s new chairman.0

The committee’s total $ membership was increased by 0 three to accommodate the demand. $It will have nine freshman $ representatives on its roster, six Democrats and three $ # Republicans.

One of them, Patsy Mink, $5 Democrat of Hawaii, is not a 0 rookie. She served in the $ Congress from 1965 through 1977, $and sat on the education $ panel while many of the most 0 important education programs $" were created.

Official Senate assignments $$ have not been made, but $ % committee sources say 0 Senator Paul Wellstone, a freshman, will occupy a new 0 slot on the Labor and Human 0 Resources Committee. The Minnesota Democrat has already ruffled feathers here by $ , snubbing his state’s senior senator $at an official ceremony and $. holding an anti-war news conference at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.


Alan L. Ginsburg, director 0 of the Education Department’s $4 planning and evaluation $ 5 service, was one of 66 high-$!6 ranking civil servants who $7 were honored recently with $8 Presidential Rank Awards.$The awards, which carry a cash $prize, are for achievements $
; over a long career.

Former Secretary of 0 Education William J. Bennett may 0 have turned down the 0 $125,000 salary available to the 0 chairman of the Republican $

    National Committee, but he $8 apparently is willing to work part time.

    While pursuing a lucrative career as a speechmaker, Mr. Bennett will also serve as a $& senior editor at the National Review, the well-known $
    conservative political journal.

    He will reportedly write 0 articles and sit on the board that 0 sets editorial policy.0

    Several news reports noted that $ he might clash there with 0 William F. Buckley, the $ commentator who is the $ magazine’s chief--and also a supporter of legalizing drugs.

    The Hudson Institute said in $ December that Mr. Bennett $ had joined the organization with the intent to “devote himself to 0 research and writing” on education $ and drug policy.--j.m.$

    A version of this article appeared in the January 23, 1991 edition of Education Week as Federal File