Dropout Form

March 24, 2004 1 min read

The Chicago Public Schools requires students who drop out of high school to first sign a consent form warning them of the risks.

CPS Consent to Withdraw From School

By dropping out of school, I further acknowledge that:

1. I will be less likely to find good jobs that pay well, bad jobs that don’t pay well, or maybe any jobs.

2. I will not be able to afford many things that I will see others acquiring.

3. I will be more likely to get caught up in criminal activity and illegal behaviors.

4. I will be more likely to spend time in jail or prison.

5. I will be more likely to rely on the state welfare system for my livelihood.

6. I will not have many choices about where to live.

7. I will be considerably less able to properly care for and educate my children.

SOURCE: Chicago Public Schools