August 11, 2004 1 min read

A news brief in the July 14, 2004, issue of Education Week (“Fla. District’s School Choice Plan Trumps Federal Law, Judge Rules”) mischaracterized a federal judge’s ruling on a motion by the Pinellas County, Fla., school district. The judge denied the district’s motion to modify its court-ordered school choice plan because of what the district said was a conflict with the No Child Left Behind Act, but the ruling itself did not comment on the federal law.

A story on links between physical activity and academic achievement in the July 28 issue (“Tracking the Exercise- Achievement Link”) gave the wrong location for a study conducted on 214 middle school students. The study was conducted in Michigan.

In addition, the story should have said that Thomas McKenzie, a professor at San Diego State University, said that rather than focusing directly on academic achievement, physical education’s priorities are providing opportunities for health-enhancing physical activity, physical fitness, and motor-skill development.